Holy Trinity's Church Covenant


We covenant with the Lord and with one another, to trust Godís Promises as revealed to us through the scriptures.

We believe that God continues to reveal through events, people and the Bible.

We believe that Christ is the foundation of our worship. 

With the help of Godís missionaries, we see the continuing interpretation of the Bible as the responsibility of each individual through prayerful consideration, openness to the Holy Spirit, and communication with fellow believers.

 We are thankful for the gift of reason, freedom to doubt, and the ability to learn about Godís love in a variety of ways.

 We will strive to be tolerant of, learn from, and be thankful for our differences.

 We agree to preserve Godís gifts, use them wisely, and share with those less fortunate.

 We affirm our churchís mission:

    To be faithful to the good news of Godís love in Jesus Christ for all people;

    To minister and nurture in community working to make Godís ways known; and

    To be aware of injustice and suffering and work towards their relief with the help          of God.

 We seek and accept Godís fulfilling grace.

 In response to Godís encompassing love, we will love one another.




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